Wellcome party for the first refugees in the Peacock in Kappel

Yesterday in the Treffpunkt a welcome party has been organized. More than 20 refugee from Kappel, Lenzkirch, Altglashütten und Schluchsee attended. We hope that they did not regret their stay and will come bach to the next Treffpunkt. Regugee were from Syria, Erithraea, Gambia, Nigeria, and other countries.

The address of wellcome:

“The Helferkreis Lenzkirch offers a cordial and hearty WELCOME to his guests from abroad. We are glad that you have reached Lenzkirch. Leaving home has been a difficult decision. The travel has been painful, exhausting and much too long. After arriving in Germany, difficulties arose due to bureaucratic way of our administration and due to the fact that you do not speak the language of the country. However, now you are here and can start to relax. We are pleased to see you here. We guess what you have suffered. We would be very glad if you could close this chapter of your life, although this will not be always possible since dear family members wait to be re-united with you in Germany.”

Afterwards there were intensive multinational discussions ending in a way that the the German discussion partner presented the refugees from Kappel and others as well to the general audience. This took some time since everything told has to be translated to German or English or Arabic.

We hope very much that the refugees will come back to the Treffpunkt soon.

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